The Academy

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The Academy, created by Dr. Bionicle, was considered one of the best Bionicle RPGs. It used to run parallel with the BZPRPG. After its time was used up, it was retconned in with the BZPRPG.

It has been age upon age since the Toa first stepped out of their canisters onto the beaches of Mata Nui. Now the Toa Nuva have passed into legend and Mata Nui with it.

The power of Toa has been seriously downgraded since Zyrul, the innovative leader of the Academy, discovered the secret of Toa Metamorphosis. With his technology and agents, he can find an ability to morph into Toa within a Matoran, whether they are truly meant to be Toa or not.

These “Toa” soon became of so great a number, that Zyrul could not personally train each one. Thusly, the Academy was opened as a way of creating a great army to protect the Matoran forever.

Here, Toa were divided into clans by element (Fire, Ice, Earth, Stone, Water, Air, Sonics, etc.) and taught how to wield their powers (if they had any). Most Toa, however, are barely able to produce more than a few sparks or some gushes of water, because it is not truly their destiny to emerge as Toa. But there are those that do emerge with true power and ability, after much hard training. They are then made the Elite of the Academy and placed under the supervision of Zyrul and his Council.

Despite the good that seems to be reflected in this academy, the whole plot goes much deeper and darker than anyone could imagine. Zyrul, their idolized leader is truly a former renegade of the Brotherhood of Makuta, but was banned from the group for his rebellious nature. Since then, he has been working on creating an army to eliminate all groups that oppose him and ultimately control the Ring of Villainy that encircles the universe.

However, there are those that wish to find the truth. Recently, Toa have been making exceedingly excellent progress. Recent “incidents”, such as a Toa lighting a camp on fire or crumbling a mountain. Zyrul wishes to have them affiliated with them at best or simply crush them.

Metru Nui is depending on you. You have three choices: Rise against Zyrul and fight for the good of all, affiliate yourself with him only to attempt to overthrow him, or simply annihilate the Academy and Zyrul with it to take your place as Ruler. It’s up to you.