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Thedar Chronn traveled to the island of Mata Nui from a distant land in an attempt to leave his past, and anyone who knew of it, as far behind him as possible. Though he never speaks of it to anyone, it is slightly apparent that he has had a highly violent criminal past, possibly even as a murderer himself. He has a remarkable knowledge of murder in its many forms, adding suspicion to the potential of a ruthless past.

He can analyze wounds and often discover the weapons that caused them with remarkable accuracy. He is also skilled at elemental murder analysis. When he came to the island, he quickly created a name for himself by solving as many murders as possible, working himself to exhaustion. He did his best to make it clear that “Dark C Investigations” is devoted to solving any murder.

Appearance and Tools

A Toa of the Metru style, wearing mostly Dark blue with black underneath. He is average in physical build, and has light blue eyes. Under his mask and armor, his face has many scars, along with the rest of his body. What he may have once looked like is unknown, though now the scars give a since of unpleasantness to anyone who sees his face.

Abilities and Traits

Anyone who knows him understands that he is determined never to let a murder go unsolved, to the point of taking even the smallest of leads. He has not known failure yet, and when he faces it, it is uncertain how he will react.

He is generally well liked by the people of the island, in all of the Koro due to his positive outlook and lack of any prejudice agains anyone of any species. Though he isn't one for making a show of respect for important, treating them like he would anyone else.


Friends and Allies

  • He hates everyone.




"Now shut up, and let me continue my work."

"If I give you a job, will you shut your irritating mouth and be silent for at least a few moments?"

"Seeing a Toa is nothing new. The killer wouldn't even need to hide. But they are not perfect. They'll slip up. Criminals always do."