Turaga Kidnappings

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In March of 2012, a series of kidnappings occured where Heuani kidnapped the Turaga of the villages to infect them with Parakuka.


Makuta wished to infect the Turaga with Parakuka, after releasing them to their villagers, likely to instill fear and horror at their Turaga's new form. The full extent of this plan was never revealed, since the Turaga were killed by assassins directed by the Four Peers.


This may have been prompted by the recent clues given out by the former members of the Chronicler's Company, or perhaps Makuta purely thought the time was right to enact his plan.


  • Matau: Kidnapped from his hut by Heuani.
  • Nokama: Taken to Heuani by a large Tarakava.
  • Onewa: Kidnapped twice. The first time, the Crew of the Infernavika kidnapped him from his hut, plotting to use him as a ransom. He was later freed by Tillian and Co. Later, he was taken away on his own free will by Heuani, pretending to be a Toa of Earth named Enaihu.
  • Whenua: Kidnapped in his hut by Heuani. Fought back with a lightstone, but to no avail.
  • Nuju: Kidnapped in front of Stannis in the Sanctum by the Makuta himself after he revealed the Prophecy and Taipu's clue.
  • Vakama: Kidnapped in his hut. Initially fought back for the longest time, but was eventually taken.


The Six Turaga were recovered during the Rama Hive Assault by the ILS. Althought healthy, the turaga had the parasitic slug-like parakuka attached to their necks. The ILS eventually returned them to their villages, after which the Turaga were each killed.