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Type Kanohi
Technology Level Archaic
Appearance Smooth and rounded with an indentation for a third eye
Powers Speed up user's perception of time.
OOC Information
Creator User:Bulik

Kanohi Unaek, the Mask of Perception, is a Kanohi that speeds up the wearer's thought process, effectively slowing down their perception of time. While they can experience time up to ten times slower than normal, their actual body movements are not sped up in any way.



The Kanohi Unaek, upon activation, enhances the thought processes and sensory input of the user. This creates a surreal experience, with the wearer as if time had slowed down around them. The Kanohi does not alter time in any way, only letting the user experience more and comprehend faster, thus giving the "slow-motion" illusion. The user's body is as at the same speed of control as normal, so the user cannot use the mask to do impossibly fast attacks, etc.

The wearer is able to control how much faster their mind is, with a maximum of increasing their awareness tenfold from his normal perception of time.

The higher the speed the wearer's mind overclocks to, the more strain is put on their system, and memories of the experiences aren't as clear as normal memories would be. Prolonged periods of using the mask or using it many times in succession will give the user headaches of varying sizes, depending on the time used, speed used, and frequency.



  • The Unaek was approved by Nuju Metru during BZPRPG III's first arc, but User:bulik only decided on a whim in June of 2022 to give it a Matoran name.