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Element [[:Category:N/A Elementals (BZPRPG III)|N/A]]
Species Iroiit
Gender Female
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi N/A
Weaponry/Equipment N/A
Alignment True Neutral
History & Relationships
Occupation(s) Combat Engineer, Ussalry 7th Squadron
OOC Information
Status Alive
Creator Hubert

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Uyism is an Iroiit who wishes to learn more about the island of Mata Nui.


Due to only recently coming up to the surface, Uyism and her fellow Iroiit do not truly understand the principles the surface-dwellers have adopted. Back underground there were not many things one had to understand, only concentrating on surviving and digging. So to the people above, she appears to be rather naive with her lack of understanding. However, she is not very gullible, for due to being part of a species that was rather reclusive, she is not incredibly social.


Like all Iroiit, Uyism has a similar body shape to Matoran, except taller. As expected of her species, she possesses fours arms, two of which end in claws, while the other two end in hands similar to those of Matoran. However, unlike most Iroiit, her fangs are more pointy, and her grinding molars are much more blunt. Her armour is a combination of pale blues and greys, and her eyes are an emerald colour when underground, a contrast against its light green colour when on the surface.


Early Life

Uyism spent most of her life before going to the surface digging underground. Her first contact with the surface was when she met Onu-Koronan miners when she was digging, who introduced her to the wider world. The miners taught her of the many things that existed on the surface, leading to her beginning a journey to find out more about the island of Mata Nui.

Working with the Ussalry

One day while walking through Onu-Koro, Uyism ended up getting recruited into the 7th Squadron of the Ussalry by Sulov Koskium, who decided that her skills would be useful. Having nothing else to do, she accepted, and got somewhat acquainted with her fellow members.

However, she did not manage to settle into her new role much when the squadron was contacted by the only survivor of an attack in the mines, and she set off with the rest in order to investigate the situation and see what they could do.

Fighting Hiemalis

Powers and Abilities

As an Iroiit, Uyism lacks elemental powers, but makes up for it with greater stamina, tougher skin, saliva that can corrode metal and night vision.

Tools and Weapons

Due to the fact that Iroiit did not require weapons to survive underground, Uyism does not possess any.


Friends and Allies


  • The Makuta


  • Hubert got Uyism's name from randomly typing several letters on the keyboard.
  • Uyism speaks in broken English/Matoran, which is based on how Arkrak originally spoke in Toa Levacius Zehvor's War of Elementum Nui RPG.