VMN (The Academy)

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A Toa of Fire from the Academy and the founder of the Rebels.


Name: VakamaMetruNui(VMN)

Native Metru: Ta

Element: Fire

Kanohi: Orange Noble Huna, Concealment

Weapons: Staff with a Tahu olda sword on top, and a Lava Launcher. He can also shoot lava, like Tahu, but it takes a lot of energy.

Additional Abilities: Great fighting skills, not the best defense

Profile: VMN is not native to Ta-Metru and feels like an outcast because he is not native to Metru-Nui( I know that's a stupid reason to feel like an outcast, but VMN just feels like he can't adopt Metru-Nui as a new home.). VMN has good fighting skills and good shooting, but not that good of defense.