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A Valkyr, as seen in the original BZPRPG. Note some slight discrepancies with current canon, such as the heartlight and fingers. Drawn by Vezok's Friend.

Valkyr are powerful beings resembling winged Toa, who are created by an otherworldy spirit bonding with a Toa host. They have been approved for use in Arc 2 and are made under the auspices of Der Blitzmann.

Physical characteristics

A Valkyr retains most of the appearance of the Toa from which they were created, with a few notable changes taking place.  The most striking is the pair of feathered wings sported by all members of the species; these wings are both beautiful and powerful, and in most cases are white (although other colours have been reported).  Their fingers extend into sharp claws, and they no longer possess heartlights.

Valkyr are typically very physically attractive, in most cases predatorially so.


Due to the transformation, Valkyr do not possess any elemental powers.  However, they are able to instead use this energy in other ways.  Dark Valkyr convert it into raw physical strength, and this makes them unnaturally strong and agile, though not on the level of a Pakari or Calix user.  In Light Valkyr, it enhances their senses to a great degree.

All Valkyr also possess the ability to fly using their wings.


Two types of Valkyr are known to exist; Dark and Light.

Dark Valkyr, such as Anthyn, are summoned into this world through use of an elaborate ritual. They use the souls of the people involved as metaphorical oars to row through the river between worlds, and upon reaching their destination, consume them for power.

Light Valkyr contract with a willing host, and are typically summoned up by intense meditation or something similar. The sole exception to this is if the one who is to be the host has already had contact with the Valkyr's world, typically after having been used for the first type of summoning. This has occurred exactly once.


Valkyr are extremely rare creatures, mainly due to the fact that they do not occur naturally, and as such do not have much 'culture' to speak of.  All Valkyr, however, are known to take names beginning with the letter 'A'.

Notable individuals

  • Anthyn
  • Daylaria/Almanacia


  • The Valkyr species first appeared in the original BZPRPG .
  • Their name is inspired by the Valkyries of Norse mythology, goddesses who carried away the souls of the dead.