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The Kanohi Warua is the Mask of Devotion.


The Mask of Devotion works in two main ways, both of which operate on the same method but differing in invocation and limitations.

“As the voice of responsibility I implore you. Perform your duty and be whole once more.” By speaking these words, inorganic devices can be repaired. To a certain extent, of course. The prayer only causes the object to be restored to working order- no guarantees are given on its durability or how long that repair will last.

“As unity’s voice I speak. What is broken must be mended, what is separate unified once more as if it had never been.” This phrase heals wounds to near perfect health, beyond the ability of an ordinary Mask of Healing, though its power doesn’t extend to Stannis himself. And nothing can bring back the dead. Once breath has left the body, the mask can no longer resuscitate them, even if their mind is still alive.


  • Stannis


  • Stannis's Hiripaki was replaced with this mask when player Kaithas took over as Stannis's player from EmperorWhenua, in order to take the character in a different direction. When EmperorWhenua returned to the BZPRPG, and assumed control of Stannis once again, the Warua was replaced with the Hiripaki once more.
    • GM Krayzikk declared that Stannis's possession and usage of this mask to be retconned, and thus the contents of this page are of dubious canonicity to the BZPRPG III.
  • The Matoran word for "coward", Hauwarea, was written on the inside of this mask in order to represent Stannis's loss of faith.