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Huna, Mask of Concealment




Ropes and chains


Full control over the element of sound.







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The Toa designated "Him" is an enigmatic serial killer who has become notorious in Le-Wahi in the months since Makuta's defeat.



Little is known about His past or background. He appeared shortly after Makuta's defeat, abducting and murdering several civilians around the island before eventually settling--for now--in Le-Wahi.

2013 Arc

Appearance and Tools

He is much like any other Toa. He stands at seven feet tall, and wears gray and silver armor with black accents, haphazardly polished so as to give him just a glitter as he walks through the darkness of the caves and jungles of Mata-Nui. His eyes are a deep blue, staring out from the depths of a black, Miru-shaped Huna, whose grinning visage only serves to make his actions more disturbing. He is always seen with bundles of rope coiled around his chest, seemingly homemade yet incredibly durable.

In combat and in His murderous schemes, he tends to almost exclusively use the numerous ropes that are constantly wrapped around his chest. They have proven durable enough to serve as focus tools for His sonic attacks, though in general, he appears to prefer using them simply to hang his victims.

Abilities and Traits

He is very enigmatic in nature. Speaking only in riddles, murdering and kidnapping for no discernible reason, and in general causing trouble simply for the sake of causing trouble, He has created a reputation as essentially a manifestation of chaos. Really, there is not much else to be said – if you manage to catch His attention, however that is measured, he will stalk you, psychologically torture you, catch up to you, and finally subdue you before taking you wherever he pleases.

More recently, He has been revealed to possess several notable quirks. No one had yet heard His true voice, as he constantly uses his sonic powers to mimic the voice or voices of those he is stalking or battling. He has demonstrated an impressive knack for squeezing out of extremely tight situations, shrugging off damage that would at least stun others.

He appears particularly fond of riddles, rhyme, and poetry, as everything from his speech to his thought patterns seem based around those three concepts. He is particularly fond of leaving riddles on the bodies of his victims, either to hint as to who he will target next or, in some cases, to try and coax his trackers onto the path to find his name.


Friends and Allies

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  • "With happy-smiles and friends in tow / The children they do play; / Yet never in the darkness go / Lest they become His prey..." -- A "nursery rhyme" regarding "Him."