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Elemental Air


Falcon Lord

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Pre RPG:

Orderin has been a wanderer for the greater part of his life. Though once a part of a group of Toa, the group dissolved after one of the members murdered another, and Orderin struck out alone.


Arriving in Le-Koro not long after Makuta's defeat, Orderin joined the hunt for a serial killer known as "Him", along with another Toa; Weta, a Matoran; Viima, and a Skakdi; Tivanu.

After "Him" managed to elude the group, Orderin, Viima, and Tivanu formed a small mercenary business, and together tracked down Surina, an old flame and enemy of Viima's, who attempted to assassnate Akiri Hahli, but survived. In doing so, they were forced to deal with another mercenary, Rhea Heartsflame.

After bringing Surina to justice, the mercenary group parted ways, and Orderin secluded himself from society, keeping to himself in a small apartment in Le-Koro, before finally returning after a period of months.


As a Toa of air, his innate powers give him high mobility and increase his already formidable speed and dexterity. In addition, he has control over the element of air, allowing him to release blasts of air, move objects with the wind and even utilize short range flight. 


  • A long bladed, cruciform hilted Estoc, suitable for one-handed or two-handed use
  • A walking stick with a bladed end
  • A set of simple traveler's clothes
  • A rucksack
  • A set of battered silver armor


Orderin is tall, with a full height of 1.75 Bio. He has a deceptively lean build, accentuated by his height, but he is muscled, with an athletic physique. 

His natural armor is a set of thin, deep green plates covering his entire body. In combat, he wears a set of silver armour, battered and pitted through years of use. His mask is a similarly scuffed Kualsi. His eyes, a steely blue flecked with green, shine brightly from behind his mask.

When not in times of combat, he wears a set of grey traveller's garments, a hooded cloak, and a rucksack. Across his waist is a simple belt, from which hangs a functional, unornamented sheath for his sword.



  • Viima (Over the course of their adventure, they became close friends.)
  • Weta (Though not as close as Viima, Orderin considers Weta one of his friends.)
  • Tivanu (Though initally wary of the Skakdi mercenary, Orderin grew to like him.)