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All six Akiri.

Akiri is a title bestowed upon the new village leaders following Makuta's defeat.


Following the assassinations of the Turaga, there was a significant power vacuum in each Koro.  Once Makuta's Rahkshi legions had been defeated and the Toa Maru returned from their victory in Mangaia, the Matoran elected new leaders to fill the role that the Turaga had left.  These leaders were given the title 'Akiri'.

The Akiri the highest authority in their respective Koro.  They command both military and civilian affairs.  The job is work-intensive, and some have chosen advisors and lieutenants to help them in their high office.  They typically will have a close relationship with their village's Toa Maru.


Jaller: Akiri of Ta-Koro

The ex-captain of the Ta-Koro guard became Akiri after the death of Turaga Vakama. Ta-Koro has become a strong military influence under Jaller's guidance.

Hahli: Akiri of Ga-Koro

Hahli was Turaga Nokama's right hand, and became Akiri uponher leader's death. Hahli has taken up a position of isolation and peace for the time being, supplying medicine and foodstuffs to the other Koros.

Hewkii : Akiri of Po-Koro

If Hahli seems isolated, Akiri Hewkii has gone even farther. Since Turaga Onewa's death, he has erased the roads which lead to his Koro, leading many to name Po-Koro the "Lost Koro." 

Kongu: Akiri of Le-Koro

Kongu supervises the technological development of Le-Koro.

Ambages: Hand of Ko-Koro

After Matoro's death, Ambages became a steward of the position in Ko-Koro, as Hand to Matoro. There is yet to be an official election of a new akiri.

Nuparu : Akiri of Onu-Koro

Nuparu is inventing new things to help Onu-Koro.

Former Members

Matoro: Akiri of Ko-Koro (Deceased)

Akiri Matoro, formerly translator for Turaga Nuju, works in the creation of a vast paradise for the people of Ko-Koro. He has begun turning the once ecclesiatical city into a sprawling metropolis run on power generated through wind turbines.