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"Today I am Maa. Who knows what I'll be tomorrow? It could be a Le-Matoran... a Toa of Sonics... Makuta himself... Or you."
— Alex explaining his nature to Lohkar before the Time Fracture

Alex, Time Traveler
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Time Traveler




Turaga H (Long since adopted by Toatapio Nuva)

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Alex was an evil time traveler tasked with spreading misery between timelines.



Before Henkka and Alex altered time, the timeline was a very different one. In it Alex started out as a mere Matoran gang leader, who terrorized the same city Henkka lived it. After meeting with Henkka for the first time, Alex immediately became his mortal enemy. The two fought in many placed and different forms for a great duration of time. Their battles finally lead to a great confrontation in which the two were thrown at the Mask of Time which shattered, fusing both Henkka and Alex with the fabric of time, sending them on separate time travelling journeys. Alex found himself in a cycle of doing evil deeds in order to get transported to another time and place.


After spending a long time travelling between different time periods to spread evil and misery, Alex eventually ended up on a version of the island of Mata Nui. He met Henkka during this adventure and fought with the being, only to be transported to yet another time period, this time at the same time with Henkka.


Henkka and Alex battle for the last time.

The two formed an alliance briefly to uncover the mysteries of their time travelling. They worked together with a Toa of Iron named Stronin and journeyed across the island in search for their true nature. In the end, they did battle for the last time. Alex was killed by Stronin and was therefore detached from time, granting Henkka full access over it.


Alex had always been evil. Although he started out as nothing more but a gang leader, his life experience led him to become even more sinister and malicious than before. In order to proceed on his time travel journeys, Alex had to do evil deeds, which he did without hesitation in an effort to find his way back to his own timeline.

Appearance, Weapons and Powers


Alex travelled in time but could only operate through someone else's form. Therefore he always had the appearance and powers of the one he controlled while on a mission.


Friends and Allies




"Alex. Everything you have done was for nothing. All your actions lead to nothing. Your attempts to return home were for nothing. And what awaits you... is nothing."
Stronin just before killing Alex

"It is said that on death you can see your entire life flashing before you. Alex would've settled with just that saying. Instead, he saw millions of lives, lives he had worked on to ruin them. The voices of all those he had brought pain to echoed in his mind, screaming for justice. So loud were they Alex could hardly remember his own life. He knew, however, that he was not supposed to die this way. Just before his death, Alex had been denied completely, something even Henkka had never been able to do. The final blow had not come from Henkka, either, but rather from an ordinary Toa of Iron. Alex did not die honorably in his own body. He was taken down in the body of a stranger, a victim. The one thing Alex wanted to die with was taken from him. Dignity."
— Alex's death


Alex in his original body before becoming a time traveler.
  • Alex is not originally a creation of Toatapio Nuva. Although the time travelling story was made by him, the character itself was created long ago by the other half of HT Productions team.
  • Alex is not exclusively a BZPRPG character, but is actually one of the main antagonists in the HT Adventures series. The series does not involve any time travelling, but instead focuses on Henkka's life before the strange travels began and his confrontations with Alex and other evil beings
  • Alex's symbol as a time traveler is the red Pakari he used to wear. However, unlike Henkka's symbol, his is not widely recognized or chronicled anywhere.

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