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"Shocked and dismayed, Maa had no idea why a Toa would do such a thing to him."
— Narrator about Alex killing Maa

Maa, Miner
Maa as seen when possessed by Alex in an alternate timeline (red eyes)





Earth (innate)

Kanohi Mask:

Black Kakama


Lawful Good


Pickaxe, bamboo disk






Toatapio Nuva

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Maa was an Onu-Matoran miner who was killed off by Alex.


2012 Arc

In this timeline, Maa had never done anything special. He worked in the mines of Onu-Koro daily, and collected artifacts at home. One day Alex, in the form of Syyge, kidnapped him from his home and brought him to Ta-Koro. This was because, before Henkka and Alex changed the timeline, Maa had been a very active adventurer and Alex had possessed him while visiting that timeline.

In Ta-Koro, Alex magnetized Maa to Stronin's sword, killing the Matoran in order to enrage Stronin and make him careless. Maa's body was later brought to Onu-Koro and buried there.

Abilities and Traits

Although Maa didn't do much in the BZPRPG 2012 arc, he was very active in the previous one and thus we know that his personality is that of an eager helper and a bit of an adventurer. Maa loved collecting gems and pretty rocks in his home and was ready to help others.

Maa was a standard Onu-Matoran. He owned a pickaxe, but was skilled at disk throwing as well.



  • Other Onu-Matoran


  • Alex: Because he... well... killed Maa.


  • In the BZPRPG 2011 arc, before the Bzpower downtime that ended it, Maa was a very active character assisting Lohkar, Kalama, and their allies in the tracking of a murderous Toa. Maa was, at some point, possessed by Alex and remained so for a long time. Maa's usage in the new arc was merely a reference to the old game.
  • Maa is the Toa of Earth and one of the main characters in the game Invisible Legend.