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"Prison time!"
— Avak before creating a prison around Zaktan

Element [[:Category:Stone Elementals (BZPRPG III)|Stone]]
Species [[Skakdi]]
Gender Male
Equipment & Traits
Powers Prison creation; X-Ray and Telescopic Vision; Toa-Level control of Stone in conjunction with another Skakdi
Weaponry/Equipment Seismic Pickaxe
Alignment Himself
History & Relationships
Group The Piraka
Occupation(s) Inventor
OOC Information
Status Alive, active

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[[Category:Stone Elementals (BZPRPG III)]]

Avak is one of the six Piraka and the inventor of the group.

Abilities and Traits

Avak possesses X-ray and telescopic vision, which he uses to seek out foes. Avak can use his mind to create a perfect living prison for his enemies which counters any powers they could possibly use. Avak can also use the elemental power of stone, but only in tandem with another Skakdi.

Avak is a talented engineer, and can make a tool or weapon out of virtually anything.



  • Piraka: Though allies, Avak wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice any of them to achieve his own ends.
  • The Legacy: Allies.


  • To be announced