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The Piraka, six particularly nasty Skakdi.

The Skakdi are one of the species of beings that exist on Mata Nui.


Skakdi began appearing on the island of Mata Nui after the Toa Mata fell to Makuta. None of them can recall where they came from or how they ended up on the island.

Abilities and Traits

All Skakdi possess an organic spine that runs from the back of the head, down the arms, and down the back. They also have sharp claws and large teeth which seem to make a sinister smile or scowl. All Skakdi also have Elemental Powers, but can only be accessed by combining them with that of another Skakdi. Their vision powers include abilities such as Laser Vision, Heat Vision, and impact vision. There are both male and female Skakdi.


While not the most trustworthy species, the Skakdi usually manage to live in peace with other races.

Notable individuals