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"Zaktan strode duck-footed into the bungalow, hunched more than usual by the tires of travel, but far from robbed of his tyrannical aura. As usual, his snakelike face was unreadable; were those miniscule twitches about his mouth – one instant, he was infinitesimally grimacing, the next, subtly smiling – indicative of his mood, or were they merely symptomatic of his unique composition? It was impossible to tell; Zaktan’s glowing eyes, perceivable to the other Piraka even against the blinding backdrop of the sky, gave no clues."
— Narrator describing Zaktan

Element [[:Category:Air Elementals (BZPRPG III)|Air]]
Species Skakdi
Gender Male
Equipment & Traits
Powers Ability to dissolve and reform protodite body; laser vision; Toa-Level control of Air in conjunction with another Skakdi
Weaponry/Equipment Three-Bladed Scissor, Zamor Launcher
Alignment Unknown
History & Relationships
Group The Piraka
Occupation(s) Leader of the Piraka
OOC Information
Status Alive, Active
Creator The LEGO Group

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Zaktan is the leader of the Piraka.

Abilities and Traits

Brilliant and ruthless, Zaktan is the strangest and most mysterious Piraka, feared even by his own companions. He is very intelligent, but also very distant. Dishonest, secretive, and sadistic, he is hated and feared by all the other Piraka for his bizarre nature and his constant manipulation.

Zaktan's body and Three-Bladed Scissor are made up of billions of Protodites, each containing a fraction of his consciousness. When he talks, it sounds like a multitude of voices coming out of his mouth, and his body constantly ripples as the Protodites are unable to stay completely still. Zaktan can dissolve into a flying swarm of these creatures to attack and then reform at will.

Zaktan has an innate elemental connection to air, which he can access in conjunction with another Skakdi. He also possesses powerful laser vision.


Zaktan carries a Three-Bladed Scissor with blades sharp enough to cut almost anything at one end, and a pair of tongs at the other. He also carries a Zamor Launcher.



  • Piraka: Though allies, Zaktan wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice any of them to achieve his own ends.
  • The Legacy: Allies.