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The cable car station in Ta-Wahi.

The Cable Car is a form of transport between Ta-Wahi and Ko-Wahi.


The Cable Car's station of origin is just south of the lake of lava on which Ta-Koro is built. The station is reached up a series of stone steps.

The car leaves the platform in a west-southwesterly direction, where it crosses a bend in the Tren Krom Break before reaching the first tower.

The first tower turns the car west, with the angle of ascension steadily increasing. The second tower is reached near the base of the Mangai Volcano.

The second tower turns the car in a northwest direction, and the angle of ascension increases steeply.

The third tower is located on the eastern-most edge of the North March. The Cable Car increases its ascension sharply, continuing in the direction of Mount Ihu. The car arrives at Obsidian Outpost.


The Cable Car was built between Ta- and Ko-Wahi to help bridge the gap between the two villages.

Three towers support the cable between the two stations, each slightly changing the direction of the cable. The car travels via a remote system controlled at either of two stations, and run in a loop similar to ski lifts.

The Cable Car was originally built to only handle one Matoran at a time, but was upgraded to incorporate larger cars to handle multiple passengers of multiple species.

Crossing the Tren Krom Break


  • Obsidian Outpost: On the Ko-Wahi end of the Cable Car.
  • Ta-Koro Guard Station: On the Ta-Wahi end, near Ta-Koro.

In-Game History

Arc 1

During the 2012 arc the Cable Car was sabotaged by Kohra, but was rebuilt later.

Arc 2

The mercenary group called The Outsiders have moved into the cable car stations on the Ko-Wahi side of the Tren Krom Break. They have been tolling anyone who uses the Cable Car as a means of gaining income between jobs.