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Ko-Wahi is the region of Ice on the island of Mata Nui, and home of Ko-Koro.

Mount Ihu dominates the Ko-Wahi landscape.


Ko-Wahi encompasses Mount Ihu, the largest mountain of Mata Nui, beginning in the north at the foothills of the mountain by Onu-Wahi and ending where the mountain merged into the Mangai Volcano, separated by the North March. The entire region is covered in ice and snow, fittingly for the Wahi of ice; the mountain is largely inhospitable, with only a few species of Rahi being able to successfully survive there. The area often experiences fierce storms that make it impossible to travel, either by foot, Gukko, or Cable Car. Among the more dominant features of Ko-Wahi are two massive glaciers, separated by a block of ice under which Ko-Koro is hidden. Most of the upper part of the mountain is dominated by the Drifts, massive, nearly featureless snowfields that experience almost constant storm. The most hazardous section of the Drifts is known as the Wastes. Directly under Mt. Ihu is a confusing labyrinth of caverns.

Notable Locations

  • Ko-Koro: The village of ice, located between two glaciers. The home of the Cultured Gentry.
  • Mount Ihu: A snow-covered mountain in the Ko-Wahi region of the island of Mata Nui. The Drifts are a prominent feature of the Mount Ihu and is the site of Ko-Matoran hunting and trapping expeditions.
  • The Drifts: Also known as the Wastes, is a snowy region situated on Mount Ihu in Ko-Wahi. Blinding blizzards come often, causing any who venture here to easily become lost, so Ko-Matoran use red Flags to find their way. Matoro came here to hunt Rahi, and Kopaka to meditate.  Safe passage is best assured by hiring a local sherpa.
  • Temple of Peace: A small temple dedicated to the Ko-Matoran virtue of Peace.
  • The North March: A pass on the border between Ko-Wahi and Ta-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui. The Ta-Koro Guard has an outpost there, and the ruins of the Cable Car that once connected Ta- and Ko- wahi still lingers in destitution.
  • Place of Shadow: A canyon on Mata Nui conquered by Makuta that borders Ko-Wahi and Ta-Wahi. Only the brave and foolhardy venture here.
  • Nuju-Marion Regal University (official name): A school, under construction. Currently under the leadership of Toa Kaccio, headmaster. Located about a mile out of Ko-Koro on the side of a mountain.  Alongside the University, a small clinic is being expanded into a hospital.
  • Echelon's Lair: A network of ice caves inhabited by the Necromancer Echelon, and used as his base of operations.  One would find the place far more comfortable than imagined for such a cold and calculating villain.
  • Tu-Koro

Local Wildlife

  • Ice Birds: Often territorial birds native to Mount Ihu
  • White Mahi: another breed of the goat-like Po-Koronan Rahi
  • Muaka: Huge cat like Rahi
  • Vako: Wild, Rhino-like beasts