Ta-Koro Guard (BZPRPG III)

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Ta-Koro Guard
Law Enforcement
Ta-Koro guard.png
Type Law Enforcement
Leader Angelus
Members Oreius, Agni, Dorian Shaddix, Tarotrix, Noari, Balaythah, Aronis Ril, Kino Iho
Base Ta-Koro
Status ACtive

The Ta-Koro Guard is the largest and most famous Matoran military force on Mata Nui. Headquartered in the village of Ta-Koro, it is currently commanded by Angelus, Captain of the Guard.

All members of the Guard bear a Ta-Koro Ensign Badge, which is a sign of their dedication to duty. They have been trained to deal with any danger, no matter how far they are outmatched in strength or numbers. It is considered a great honour to be a member of the Guard, and a sign of one's courage.



Current members

Former members

  • Joske Nimil (Formerly)
  • Mevi (Formerly)
  • Perkahn (Formerly)
  • Ramanox (Formerly)
  • Rhea Heartsflame (Officer, Formerly)
  • Stannis (Warrant Officer, Formerly)
  • Takua (Formerly)
  • Tuara (Deputy, Formerly)
  • Tuli (Formerly)
  • Jaron [Deceased]
  • Kapura [Deceased]
  • Kinvex (Honorary Member) [Deceased]
  • Kino Iho (Inspector) [Deceased]
  • Ember Velliae (Sergeant, Retired)



Friends and Allies




  • Due to Ril's rank of Bombardier, it is assumed that the Ta-Koro Guard has an Artillery Corps sub-division.
  • The rogue Toa Perkahn was part of the Ta-Koro guard at some point in the past.