Cardinal Draebe

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Cardinal Draebe is a Toa of Water from the far-off lands of the Imperial Consortum.

Cardinal Draebe









Chaotic Neutral


Twin Falchions


Elemental Control of Water, Excellent 'Negotiation' Skills.


Pirate, Imperial Rebel


Odhrán's Crew


Nitro Frost

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One year prior to his arrival on Mata Nui, Draebe escaped from the Imperial Army of the Consortum, escaping on a ship with a healthy crew. On the trip to their hideout, however, the ship lost direction, and found itself stranded in the Endless Sea. After a year, the entirety of the crew except for Draebe had died mysteriously. He docked at Po-wahi, where he mistakenly assumed that the whole Island was like there.

Odhran's Crew

Draebe soon sold off his ship for some widgets to pay for anything, really. He then joined up with the Fledgling pirate crew of Odhran, as the Navigator. He sailed around the island with them, mostly providing backup in case of an emergency, and of course, using his 'Negotiation' skills to obtain goods for the crew.

Upon reaching Xa-koro for resupplies, Draebe ran into an old enemy, Lord Exterminite. During the battle, Tooroko convinced him to move the ship into position, after which cannonballs were rained down upon the settlement. After the resulting raiding party was sent down, the Mystix attacked, which resulted in Exterminite and Draebe working together to help vanquish the threat. Immediatly afterwards, Draebe helped get Moylan back on the crew after a minor dispute between NEX and Odhran. The group then departed for Ta-Koro.

Appearance and Tools

He is sand blue, and wears the Kanohi Kadin, Mask of Flight. On his back is a black coat, adorned with a skull. Hidden cleverly underneath the coattails are his Twin Falchion Sheaths, which he is very good at utilizing.


As a Toa of Water, Draebe can utilize water to his advantage, typically using it to move Odhran's ship around the island without using much energy. He also has a form of 'Negotiation', which mostly consists of word dueling the shopkeep into lowering the price tag.