Clan Fursic

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Clan Fursic is one of the three major clans in The Kentoku Archipelago.


One of the early military powers upon the Archipelago, Clan Fursic's forces were instumental in winning the war that established the Kentoku Empire. But when it came to electing the Empress, the other Toroshu came together to elect the matriarch of Clan Umbraline to the position. A grevious injustice the Fursics never forgave.

Through the ages, they've struggled with the Umbralines for influence and supremacy, as several failed rebellions attest to. But nontheless, the clan has managed has control vast amounts of land in comparison to their size, and still exert a massive deal of influence in the Empire's affairs.


Clan Fursic maintains its dominion over the island of Kozu, and holds much land elsewhere.


Friends and Allies

  • Clan Vadiru: A clan sworn to the Fursics as guardians and custodians of its territory. They also serve secretly as agents and spies for their liege-lords.


  • Clan Umbraline: For historical reasons stated above.
  • Clan Dastana: Clan Fursic sees the Dastana as rivals and noveau riche upsurpers with no place in island politics.

Notable Clanspeople

  • Nera: Toroshu of Clan Fursic, Matriarch and Battlemaster.
  • Kuno: Fursic First Son
  • Sesseta: Sister of Nera, Kuno's Aunt.


  • The Clan disipline of Fursic is Sighteye, and they produce some of the best trained Menti of this type.