Clan Umbraline

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The Umbralines are a clan of Dasaka native to the Kentoku Archipelago.

Clan Description

The Umbralines are an ancient, conservative clan who hail from Oki. After having their Toroshu elected to the position of Rora, the Clan has ruled the Archipelago for millenia. Through Fursic rebellions and all, they remain the dominant force in Kentoku politics.

They provide the majority of diplomats and legal scholars to Dasaka society, and are famous as mediators and unbiased counsels in matters of law.


While the Umbralines originally hailed from Oki, their official territory is currently the whole island of Sado. They still keep and tend to their lands on Oki, with a respectable castle and estate, including a famed college of law and history to further their contributions to society.

Notable Clanspeople

  • Yusanora: Ex-toroshu of the Umbralines and Rora of the Dasaka Empire until her assassination.
  • Yumiwa: Yusanora's oldest daughter and current Rora of the Dasaka Empire.
  • Desdemona: Yumiwa's younger sister.
  • Rayuke: First Son and royal executioner.
  • Ayiwah: Commodore of the royal navy.


Friends and Allies

  • Clan Hogo: Sworn to protect the Rora's treasury as well as the royal family in general.
  • Clan Ageru: The conservative Ageru have kept close relations to the Umbralines for centuries, and are allied with them in war.
  • Clan Angavur: The Taajar Angavur, though not allied to the Umbralines, maintain friendly relations with them, and are vassals of the Rora.


  • Clan Fursic: The Fursics have risen in rebellion several times.  Each time they have failed
  • Clan Dastana: Despite decent relations in the past, recent events have sent the two to war.