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Sado is the smallest major island in the Kentoku Archipelago and the center of Dasaka civilization.

A distant view of Sado, from above Mount Koshiki.

Location Description

Despite being the smallest of the main islands Sado is capital of the empire. Over the centuries it has been incessantly urbanized to accommodate the ever-growing crystal city of the Imperial Palace; at this point, almost all of Sado is covered with towering, elegant crystalline structures. The only undeveloped land still visible on the island is a small strip of sandy beach that runs along a third of the island. Centrally situated, Sado is next to Odaiba and within sight off all other islands save Kozu. From a distance, Sado looks like a complex gem, and its structures are oriented to catch the sun at all times of day and shine it back up into the sky, creating beautiful patterns against the clouds.

Other locations on Sado include:

  • Imperial Residence: the central ring of the crystal city where only the most high-ranking dasaka are permitted entrance.  These are the homes, meeting halls, and living spaces of political heads, including the Rora, leader of the Dasakan Empire.
  • Towers of Knowledge: educational district of the empire; these towering, crystal, hexagonal prisms rise far above the rest of the city, save the Dragon Hall in the Imperial Residences.
  • Coliseum District: social center of the empire, all major sporting and other spectator events take place here.  Considering the myriad of inns and eateries bordering, it is the premier meeting and gathering place on Sado.
  • Menti Yards: the great military stronghold and menti training facility.  It is also home to the Imperial Navy.
  • The Wards: a massive apartment complex of interconnected buildings. This is where the masses of Sado live.
  • Market District: the main economic center for the archipelago where anythin and everything is either produced here, sold here, or can be otherwise acquired here. 
  • Imperial Gardens: a massive park taking up a large swath of the city. The gardens are sealed off to the lower castes.


In Sado, all clans are represented by high ranking nobles and hard working commoners.  However, the two primary clans of the region are listed below.

  • Clan Umbraline: current ruling clan of the Dasaka Empire, Umbralines are a common sight in the capital.
  • Clan Hogo: retainers of the Umbralines and protectors of the Rora's treasure vaults, these minions scurry all over the city keeping things safe.