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Odaiba is a large and fertile island in the Kentoku Archipelago.

Location Description

A kanohi dragon of Mt. Koshiki. Art by Vezok's Friend.

Odaiba is the largest of the five main islands, its landmass almost equivalent to the other four largest islands combined. Home to over a dozen minor clans, it is the breadbasket of the empire. Most of this island is involved in food production; fields, pastures and orchards sit on the island's gently rolling hills, dominating view and banishing most native flora and fauna. Odaiba's most interesting feature is Mount Koshiki, the largest and most intimidating mountain within the archipelago. In antiquity it was an active volcano, but now it is an extinct mountaintop, home to one of the few native creatures that pose a threat to the Dasaka: the Kanohi Dragons. The crater atop Mount Koshiki is a poisonous, stagnant lake heated by geothermal gases.

Mount Koshiki

Mount Koshiki is the tallest volcano in the Kentoku Archipelago.  From its toxic peaks the kanohi dragons have an unprecidented view of the region.  Situated in the center of Odaiba, the now-dormant volcano is the source of the island's rich soils and soft rolling hills.  In the crater is a lake of acid and a temple made of crystal, guarded by an Abettor.  A riddle is carved on a great stone near the altar:

Across an endless ocean

Upon pale metal’s home

My key is in possession

Where you are soon to roam

The hand of fated treason Is signal to depart

A prize of ancient season

Becomes my crucial heart

My twin will never give

Until you make me live

Clan Lands

Clans fought for voluminous tracts of the best growing fields, securing homelands for themselves and the future.

Clans of Odaiba

The following clans have their ancestral homes on Odaiba, along with great tracts of land.

  • Daikura
  • Plangori
  • Ageru
  • Angavur
  • Kuychar
  • Korae
  • Kyoshi Confederacy
  • Various Minor Taajar Clans.