Kentoku Archipelago

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Kentoku Archipelago
Kentoku Archipelago by Vezoks friend.jpg
The Archipelago of Kentoku islands, home of the Dasaka Empire
Type Island
Status Playable
Creator BZPRPG Staff
Pronunciation ken-TOE-koo

The Kentoku Archipelago is a collection of islands in the Endless Ocean and home to the Dasaka race.


The Kentoku Archipelago is a volcanic island chain situated to the far east of Mata Nui. The archipelago is comprised of five large islands with dozens of smaller ones scattered between them. Most islands of the archipelago are within sight of a few others, and, despite the straits separating them, are easily accessible by bridges or quick ferries. While each island has its own unique climate, the general feel of the archipelago is wet and temperate; the volcano that birthed the Kentoku islands is long dormant. The majority of the islands' original terrain is flat grassland with rolling hills; where Dasaka civilization has not permeated, these calm natural landscapes are visible. Within the archipelago, metal ores are exceedingly rare and valuable, but crystalline protodermis is in abundance.  As such, most Dasaka structures and machines are made up of wood, stone, and manipulated (or “grown”), crystal.

The five main islands of note are:

  • Sado: smallest of the five, but crystal capital city of the Dasaka Empire, with the Imperial Palace taking up most of the island. It is the center of Dasakan resistance against the Rahkshi invasion
  • Oki: most biologically diverse of the five. During the Kentoku Rahkshi Invasion, it was among the first of the major islands to fall.
  • Odaiba: the largest island with landmass roughly equivalent to the other major four combined, it was breadbasket of the region. It is said that the Rahkshi invasion began from the top of Odaiba's Mount Koshiki.
  • Iki: tiny and barren, save for its great ore and gem deposits. The Dastana were able to maintain a foothold here during the invasion, but their lines are stretched thin.
  • Kozu: former home to the Fursic clan, and the only island not visible from Sado. Easily razed by Rahkshi during the invasion.

Flora and Fauna of the Region

A view of the Kentoku Archipelago, with the Imperial Palace on Sado in the distance.

Many of the native flora and fauna have been driven to extinction, or else domesticated, leaving very little wildlife (or "Rahi"), on the archipelago.  However, flora and fauna referenced or seen in-game include:

  • Janu: medium sized raptors with majestic tail feathers, often prized by Vilda sighteyes or as royal pets.
  • Kavinika: wild, wolf-like beasts
  • Soko: Horselike Rahi used as steeds and work animals.
  • Kanohi Dragon: a gigantic serpent of sky and sea.
  • Mukau: Rahi cows used for transport, meat and work.