Clan Kyoshi

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Clan Kyoshi is scattered clan of scientists aligned with Clan Dastana.

Clan Description

After breaking away from the Dastana Confederacy, Clan Kyoshi established itself as the island's premier scientists. They have contributed to everything from advances in medicine to mathmatical breakthroughs.

Recently, however, the Clan has splintered into several factions, all competing to rule the Clan. And in the midst of this war, the Clan has joined their Dastana sisters in the Kentoku Civil War.


Friends and Allies

  • Clan Dastana: The Dastana are the Kyoshi's mother clan, and its main faction fights with them.
  • Clan Vilda: Allies in the war.


  • Clan Umbraline: The main faction of Clan Kyoshi is currently at war with the ruling Umbralines.