Ferron's Forge

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Ferron's assistant Tuli at work in the main Forgeroom.

Ferron's Forge is a forge in Onu-Koro owned by Ferron, a Toa of Iron, with his Ta-Matoran assistant Tuli.


Ferron's Forge appears outwardly like an extra large Onu-Koronan hut built near the edge of the wall of the cave in which Onu-Koro lies, one large window to the right of the door, and to the left of it a smal mailbox where people can leave their orders if the forge is closed. Once inside, the work locale is the first the customer will see, with the furnace, anvil and the other actual work facilities situated towards the right, while the left holds a counter and a few shelves for finished products. Directly to the right after entering is a large wicker armchair from which the forge's proprietor can often be seen sitting calmly as he watches the street outside through the window.

Ferron (original form) at his forge. Illustration by Kughii.

Ferron's personal quarters takes up the last third of the hut in the back, with a wall separating this part of the hut from the rest, though cutting off before the farthest right (from the entree's view) edge of the Hut.

In the aforementioned part of the Hut is a large, bolted metal door, which opens to a narrow tunnel that goes on for a little, before reaching another large, bolted metal door. Once past this door one will reach the Forge's "Inner Sanctum". A large, square-like room furnished completely in metal, with all manner of contraptions and riggings in various states of completion. This is were Ferron keeps his lengthy, secret or especially grand projects.


Arc 2

  • Chapter 1
    • Ferron's Forge was opened very soon after the Great Rahkshi Battle, Ferron adopted for his new establishment the slogan "If I can't fix it, it's not broke".
    • Ferron took in Ex-Guardswoman Tuli as his assistant.
    • Ferron made a Protosteel-edged Sword for Cetrin.
    • Ferron rented Khervos some equipment for his investigation in the ruins of Xa-Koro. Tuli went after the Ba-Matoran on his mission.
  • Chapter 2
    • Ferron recreated himself as "Ferron 2.0" for his hunt for Kuhrin.
    • The Toa Akiru reached the forge while Ferron was away to enlist his help, and had to leave a note in his satchel.


  • The slogan of Ferron's Forge is "Is if I can't fix it, it's not broke". This is a reference to Big Al from the Ratchet & Clank Series.