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Xa-Koro was built on the Kumu Islets.

Xa-Koro was a lawless village located in the Kumu Islets.


As the population of Mata-Nui grew and darkness spread over the land, crime grew, as did the number of those who were shunned from their home Koros for various reasons. The criminals and scum of the island were exiled, and they took up residence in Xa-Koro. Xa-Koro was very poor, and since it had beings from all over (and even off) the island, it incorporated a strange amalgamation of building styles. Xa-Koro was built on the site of many other ancient civilizations that had sank into the muck, and had a vast, mysterious network of catacombs beneath it.

Xa-Koro was the hive of villainy for a very long time, which criminal groups such as the Bad Company or the Infernavika used as a base. Later, the Peers took over the city and fixed up the Koro, making it much nicer than it once was, for a brief period of time, at least. Then, after recruiting the strongest and the toughest builders there, they set fire to the methane gas that filled the tunnels under the Koro; the catacombs blew up, and the city sank sank down into its foundations, and was submerged under the ocean.

Nothing remained of the city save an old light house and a few protruding rocks. A few beings lingered in the ruins, including Kavala, who constructed various airpockets inside submerged buildings and collected valuable items in them.

Later Ga-Koro claimed the territory and built the Rockwall on the spot of the former Xa-Koro.


  • Xa-Koro Lighthouse
  • Reichenbach's casino (Destroyed)
  • Docks (Destroyed)
  • Various other shady establishments (Destroyed)

Former Notable Inhabitants

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