Kumu Islets

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Kumu Islets



Mata Nui


Rahi, Ga-Matoran



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The Kumu Islets were a chain of small islands just south of Kanae Bay in Mata Nui, and home to Xa-Koro.


The Kumu Islets were technically part of Le-Wahi. They consisted of an archipelago of either rocky or forested islets. Many strange and mutated Rahi migrated to the Islets, rendering them an extremely dangerous location.

Though there were efforts at colonization by Matoran, they were ultimately abandoned due to the dangerous mutant creatures living there, the city of Xa-Koro being the one exception.  Vagrants and criminals from the mainland flocked to the city, making it a major port of call for pirates and mercenaries.  The islets were eventually sunk during a Peer operated genocide, leaving nothing but a loneley lighthouse above the waves. One inhabitant, Kavala, remained to maintain the underwater ruins while a group of cannibals lived further down, unknown to Kavala.

During the 2013 Arc, Ga-Koro sent a crew to explore the ruins.  Under the command of Captain Commander Iraira, the ruins were claimed for Ga-Koro as a territory.

Government and Politics

Originally the Kumu Islets were under no one government, being a brigands hideaway and the haven of anarchists and drunks.  However, as time languished in the place of criminal evolution certain entities grabbed the reins of power, most notably Aurelia from the Peers.  After the fall of the Kumu-Islets, Kavala claimed lordship over the domain though he was met with scorn by the other survivors and lived alone under the waves.  When Captain Iraira arrived with her crew she annexed the entire sunken archipelego as a colony of Ga-Koro, essentially transfroming the Kumu-Islets into a southern Ga-Wahi.  

Notable Locations

  • Xa-Koro
  • Mark Bearer Temple: A mysterious temple that was related to the Marks.
  • Mutineers' Isle: An islet where Lohkar marooned his mutinous crew.
  • Peer's Lighthouse: A Lighthouse from an ancient civilization where the Peers met. It currently sits alone, away from land, where Xa-Koro once was.
  • Underwater Ruins: In the 2013 arc, the ruins of Xa-Koro and the Kumu Islets became explorable as an underwater city.
  • Nokama Port : An outpost made by the Ga-Koro marines after their successful annexation of the islets.
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