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Ga-Wahi coast.png
The Ga-Wahi coastline
Type Region
Island Mata Nui (Island)
Region Ga-Wahi
Residents Rahi, Ga-Matoran
Status Intact

Ga-Wahi is the Water region of Mata Nui, and home of Ga-Koro.


Ga-Wahi consists of Naho Bay and the surrounding area, bordered by Po-Wahi to the north, Ko-Wahi to the west and Ta-Wahi to the south. Beaches of golden sand make up much of its coastline, backed by smooth sandstone cliffs and outcroppings streaked with foliage.

To the south and west of the bay are wide stretches of grassland, dotted with pools.

Ga is arguably the most hospitable of the six Wahi; it is temperate, with comfortable humidity, and lush with greenery (though not to the extreme, as in the case of Le). Environmental danger comes in the form of storms that sweep in from the ocean, and also the numerous species of dangerous aquatic Rahi.

Naho Bay2.png

Naho Bay

Naho Bay is a large body of saltwater, opening onto the Endless Ocean at its far eastern end. The bay's waters tend to be calm and warm, thanks to its seclusion. It contains a few unremarkable islets. The village of Ga-Koro is built by its southern shore, facing Naho Falls.

Hura-Mafa River

The Hura-Mafa is Mata Nui's largest and most powerful river. It flows from its source in the Ko-Wahi mountains into the highlands in the west of Ga-Wahi, to eventually fall into Naho Bay through Naho Falls.

The Old Fusa Path, opening onto grassland.

Old Fusa Path

The main thoroughfare from Ga-Koro to the rest of the island is called the Old Fusa Path. It runs through a small gap in the cliffs that line Naho Bay and up into the grassland beyond. The path is lined by bamboo and harakeke plants.



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The Village of Water is built on a cluster of large, resilient lilypads that grow out of the shallows of Naho Bay's southern shore. Its location makes it the centre of nautical transport on Mata Nui, and a popular destination for travelers. It is led by Akiri Hahli.

​Local Wildlife

  • Cave Fish
  • Keras: Green, territorial crabs.
  • Lightfish: Jellyfish-like animals that glow with light; used for illumination in Ga-Matoran homes.
  • Ruki: Fish with a powerful bite
  • Razorfish: Fish covered in razor sharp scales. They often accidentaly sink smaller boats.
  • Takea: Most common type of shark on Mata-Nui
  • Tarakava: Huge lizardlike beast with powerful punching arms
  • Small, orange starfish creatures found on the shores of Mata Nui.
  • Clam-like creatures found on the shores of Mata Nui.
  • Cone snail-like creatures found on the shores of Mata Nui.
  • Small, piranha-like fish Rahi that live beneath Ga-Koro.