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"Another Hafu original!"
— Hafu's catchphrase

MNOLG Matoran Hafu.png
Element Stone
Species Matoran
Gender Male
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Ruru (Noble)
Weaponry/Equipment Hafu used a pick and chisel as a carver
Alignment Good
History & Relationships
Group Chronicler's Company (disbanded)
Occupation(s) Carver
OOC Information
Status (IC) Deceased
Status (OOC) Retired
Creator LEGO

Hafu was a member of the Chronicler's Company.


Arc 1

  • Toa Noran meets and asks Hafu about the whereabouts of Takua.[1]
  • Hafu gives Noran a carving with his clue carved onto it.[2]
  • Onewa assigns guards to protect Hafu.[3]
  • Stannis visits Hafu.[4]
  • Echelon, Ysimar, Ronkshou, Vidar and Aurum work together to capture Hafu and change his mask with someone else's to disguise him and fake his death.[5]
  • Hafu is thrown into a crevice filled with Kofo Jaga.[6]
  • Hafu dies.


Hafu was part of the Chronicler's Company and was thus targeted by the forces of Makuta after the defeat of the Toa Mata. Hafu was eventually assassinated due to the information he had regarding the Second Prophecy.

Personality and Traits

Hafu playing Kohlii. He often assumed the position as goalie on a team with Hewkii

Although boastful and egoistic, Hafu was liked by Po-Koro for his mastery at carving.


Friends and Allies

  • Takua
  • Taipu
  • Tamaru
  • Kapura
  • Macku
  • Kopeke
  • Akiri Hewkii
  • Turaga Onewa
  • Pohatu Mata



"Only the most Creative can unlock it"
— Hafu's clue

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