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The Imperial Guard is the small, multi-clan force that protects the Rora and keeps her peace in Sado, answering directly to her. While Clan Hogo is tasked with guarding the Palace and the Imperial Family's treasury in general, and does provide retainers to the Imperial Family themselves, the Imperial Guard are the personal bodyguards to family notables and go wherever they do. There are only a handful of members at any time and traditionally are among the most powerful warriors and thinkers to best defend the Rora and her family from dangers on all planes.

Some members of the Guard have special influence over their assigned protectorates, often becoming familiars to and able to advise them. In other, rarer instances they may even double as representatives to them, if their diplomatic skills are up to par and no others are available.


Rora Yusira

  • Mune (chief retainer)
  • At least five other Menti

Rora Yusanora employed a disciplined squadron of retainers.

  • An unnamed chief retainer from Clan Daikura
  • Korae Inokio (retired)
  • A Clan Hogo Menti
  • Four other unnamed Menti who resigned in the wake of Yusanora's assassination

During Rora Yumiwa's reign, the Imperial Guard underwent a few changes in membership as old ones retired and others died in the wake of clan intrigues.

  • Korae Inokio (appointed as chief retainer)
  • Dastana Shivada (deceased)
  • A Clan Hogo Menti (retired)
  • A Clan Umbraline Menti (on Oki, protecting Yutang)
  • A Clan Daikura Menti
  • Two Clan Eiyu twin-souls


  • A loose comparison could be made between the Rora's Imperial Guard and the Toa Hagah teams of the BIONICLE canon.