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Jin is a female Vortixx mercenary, currently employed as deputy of Bad Company.

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Species Vortixx
Gender Female
Equipment & Traits
Weaponry/Equipment Fists and feet. Two palm-mounted electricity dischargers. Knives.
History & Relationships
Affiliation Bad Company
Occupation(s) Deputy of Bad Company (Formerly)
OOC Information
Status Active
Creator Eyru

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Like every other member of a foreign species, Jin washed up on the shores of Mata Nui at an unknown point in time, years before the current storyline began. Nobody knows where she came from, and she doesn't tell. She immediately began work a a mercenary and assassin, and gradually built up a reputation as one of the better names in the business.


After a particularly harrowing job, Jin stopped to spend the night in Ga-Koro on her way to Xa-Koro . It was here that she met Dorian Shaddix, a prettyboy mercenary more famous than she. Dorian was also on his way back to Xa-Koro, where he was to meet up with Bad Company, a mercenary group of which he was the deputy. Recognizing Jin's talent, he offered her a job with the Company, which she accepted.

Upon their return to Xa, Dorian was nearly killed fighting Heuani. Jin singlehandedly rescued him from certain death and saved his life by carrying him to safety. Her abilities impressed Brykon, leader of Bad Company, and he accepted her into the team. The group was working for Aurelia, one of the Four Peers, who intended to blow up the Kumu Islets. Despite her reservations over the planned genocide, Jin went along with the plan.

After Xa-Koro's destruction, Jin and Dorian were assigned to assassinate Turaga Vakama. Dorian decided against the mission at the last minute, forcing Jin to complete the assignment solo. With his last breaths, Vakama revealed that he had known Jin was coming for him, but had allowed it to happen anyway. He asked her to let him die with dignity, and to forgive herself, because he wouldn't hold it against her. This impacted the Vortixx far more than she wanted to admit, but she completed the job anyway.

Joining Brykon in Onu-Koro a few days later, Jin was named deputy of Bad Company, replacing Dorian. She was then contacted by the Peers, who sent her to Ko-Koro to steal Onewa's Komau and give it to Ambages, the architect. She completed this assignment with moments to spare before the Rahkshi attacked.