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Element Sonics
Species Matoran
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Matatu
Powers Enhanced Hearing
Weaponry/Equipment Small Warblade
History & Relationships
Allegiance Against the Makuta
OOC Information
Creator CaptainLepidus

Lepidus is a De-Matoran with no memories of his past.



Lepidus woke up on the shores of Le-Wahi, with no memories and pained by the sounds around him. He set off through the jungle, searching for other Matoran.

Rahkshi Threat

When the Rakshi armies attacked the Koros, Lepidus was briefly knocked out by the cacophany of sounds. When he woke, he found that noise was at least bearable. Travelling to Le-Koro, he joined the fighters gathered there, and suggested a risky plan to attack the Makuta head on. This was quickly shot down. Frustrated, he went to work with Litozen and Kehuri on digging a tunnel. The Rahksi attack suddenly, however, and Lepidus was forced to join the fight. He battled hard, and struck down a distracted Rahksi, before all of the Makuta sons retreated underground. Afterwards, he found Litozen, and asked to go with him. The Toa of Sonics grudgingly accepted.

Appearance and Tools

Lepidus wears a grey powerless Kanohi Matatu. His torso is black, with a large scar gouged into it; the rest of his body is grey. His eyes are deadened by the things he has seen, and he appears withdrawn and isolated. He is unusually strong for a Matoran, though not exceptionally strong, and he stands slightly taller than the average Matoran. He carries a smaller version of the Warblade.


Friends and Allies

  • Litozen - Lepidus looks up to the Toa of Sonics as a hero.


  • The Makuta - Lepidus holds a deep-seated hatred of the Makuta and all it's allies, though he isn't certain why.


"So Toa have failed in the past - but there has never been such an opportunity as this! His forces are away, his mind surely focused on this invasion, and we have many warriors gathered here! One swift strike could end his threat forever!"


  • Lepidus was a Toa once in his past life, though he has forgotten that now.