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Makua v2.png
Element Ice
Species Toa
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him/His
Appearance Tall and toned.
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Calix, Great Mask of Fate
Powers Ice, super-athletic feats
Weaponry/Equipment Longsword, called the Sword of Vengeance. Also carries a shield with an engraving of a Calix in the center.
History & Relationships
Native To Mata Nui
OOC Information
Status (IC) Alive
Creator Emzee
Pronunciation MACK - ooh - wah
Color (Hex) 999999
Color Preview

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Makua Kodin is a Toa of Ice and a former member of the Toa Kodin. He currently works as a mercenary and freelancer, taking on all types of off jobs for good pay.


Makua has an icy white body with light gray limbs. He sports golden pauldrons, dark gray armor, but a bright white Kanohi mask and white boots. He is tall for a Toa and muscled with broad shoulders. He has enough nicks and scars to show that he is an experienced fighter. 

Unlike most Ko-Toa, Makua is very loud and extroverted. He has the strength and endurance of a Stone Toa, and has the temper of a Fire Toa. These qualities are what make him a Toa best left alone, though he is able to be balanced by the even more boisterous Tailua. He is able to withstand heat to a greater degree than the average Toa of Ice, and naturally, he is most dangerous in the Ko-Wahi drifts.

Abilities and Traits

Makua can create, absorb, and manipulate ice and cold energy. He can also fight and move at peak performance when his mask is activated, achieving physical feats that most would consider impossible. However, he prefers hand-to-hand or melee fighting and lacks experience with projectiles. Related to this, he does not fight as well against multiple enemies of varying disciplines.