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Niici v3 5.png
Element Ice
Species Toa
Gender Female
Appearance wears armor the color of sapphire and has toned arms and legs
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Matatu, Great Mask of Telekinesis
Weaponry/Equipment Staff
Alignment Neutral Evil
History & Relationships
Group Cultured Gentry
Occupation(s) Chairwoman & CEO
OOC Information
Status (IC) Alive
Status (OOC) Active
Creator Emzee
Pronunciation NEE-See
Color (Hex) 000099
Color Preview

Light Mode

Dark Mode


Niici is one of the last people that villagers would expect to become a Toa. Since birth, she has been sickly and weak, needing constant attention to function in the harsh natural environment of Ko-Wahi. However, her problems have only encouraged her to push herself further and acquire all that it takes to become a legendary Toa. A left-handed fighter and socialite, she can be very unpredictable.

Arc 1

She was convinced by Wokapu to use her drive and determination to help lead the Cultured Gentry. It turns out that Niici had actually been playing the long game and trying to seize control of the Cultured Gentry herself. She framed Wokapu with attempting to send goods to the Island Liberation Squad. His funds were seized, and he and his sister were forced to go into hiding. Despite this, Wokapu was determined to expose Niici and the Cultured Gentry for their ties to Makuta, even that meant implicating himself in the scheme.

Arc 2

Unfortunately, the potential fallout proved to make the Cultured Gentry elders too uncomfortable to allow this to go on. They sacked Niici and gave an ultimatum to Wokapu and his group: stop the crusade, and they would be compensated generously. Continue a war with the Gentry, and Wokiya would surely be eliminated first, followed by all of Wokapu's friends, until only Wokapu would be slated to die.

Wokapu could never let anything happen to his sister, so the Toa relented. The Cultured Gentry continued to operate this day, with Ambages as their leader, until he died.

Arc 3

The Cultured Gentry contacted Niici with an offer to rejoin their ranks as the new chairwoman after Ko-Koro was liberated. Her grand plans for the organization are currently unknown, but her first order of business is to establish or re-establish ties to the six Akiri

Before doing that, she purchased Vidar, the former high-ranking Makuta servant, from the Ringli-Barnuma circus. In order to guarantee safe transport, they were accompanied by two of the handlers in the circus: Tailua and Makua. Once they arrived in Ko-Koro, Niici explained her reasons to Makua for purchasing Vidar: if the Cultured Gentry force her out again, she will use the deadly warrior as a weapon. Vidar was then moved to the basement of Niici's mansion where he remains.

The next day, she was contacted by Toa Cyrix of the Toa Kalta at the Cultured Gentry headquarters. He shared concerns that a mercenary under the name "Syzygos" was performing espionage on the business and industry dealings in Ko-Koro. As some of those businesses were owned by Cultured Gentry members, Niici felt it necessary to offer her help.

A Weakness

Niici depends on a periodic dosage of an herbal medicine that she can make herself, but is very expensive. Without it, she will become physically ill and even die after several days. Combat-wise, she is weaker than the average female Toa. However, she makes up for it with mastery over her element and of her telekinetic abilities. Niici believes that her condition gives her cause to fight dirty.



She proudly wears sapphire-colored armor and has a blue crystal on her staff. The staff is lighter than it looks. While she tries to hide it, but toned arm and leg muscles imply serious athletic training in her earlier years. She is also herself very young, and would be about 26 in human years. She is commonly seen wearing a sleeveless black turtleneck sweater. Her fancy, exclusive clothes also make her exceptionally attractive and one of the most wanted bachelorettes on Mata Nui.