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Type Toa of Air
Element Air
Species Toa
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Volitak
Weaponry/Equipment Air-powered repeating crossbow, protosteel throwing disc, armor funnels
Alignment Toa Kalta, Ko-Koro
Goals Protect Ko-Koro, further goals of Aelied
History & Relationships
Home Kalta Arsenal
Group Toa Kalta
OOC Information
Player Keeper of Kraata

Cyrix is a member of the Toa Kalta, serving as their scout and spy.


Pre-Kalta Life

Like the other members of the Toa Kalta, Cyrix's past is only partially remembered, and even then mostly through vague recollections. Before his transformation, he knows he was some sort of guard.


Cyrix was trained by Aelied personally, with only occasional meetings with the other Toa Kalta. Memory of him was erased from their minds prior or during their transit to Mata Nui.

On Mata Nui

As befitting his role as Aelied's advance scout and spy, Cyrix appeared on the island several weeks ahead of the other Toa Kalta. He used this time to familiarize himself with the island's climes as well as the basic social structures of the locals. When the other Kalta began to arrive, he had been instructed by Aelied to watch their movements and test them, if possible. After Cyrix accidentally hired an assassin to kill Casanuva, he decided to stick to the former order. He observed Kalyss in Po-Koro, Casanuva in Onu-Koro, and was observing Skorm when the Ba-Toa was came upon Zaktan and was infected by a vial of antidermis.

Infiltrating Ko-Koro

After witnessing this, Cyrix reported back to Aelied, who by this point had arrived in Ko-Wahi shortly after the Legacy captured Ko-Koro, and began surveilling the walled settlement. At Aelied's prompting, Cyrix infiltrated the Koro and began using an abandoned shop as his base of operations. During this time, he also met with Korero.

Retaking Ko-Koro

Later, the Toa Kalta converged on Ko-Koro along with several Dasaka envoys, including Vilda Soraph. Soraph and Skorm entered Ko-Koro in disguise, but were separated and Soraph was captured by several Legacy operatives. Skorm and Cyrix met, Skorm remembering Cyrix's existence. Together they used their masks to infiltrate the Sanctum and rescued Soraph, who had been rendered unconscious by a mutant parakuka. As they escaped, the Toa Maru began their efforts to free hostages, aided by Le-Koro's Gukko Force. Cyrix and Skorm were getting Soraph to the evacuation point, but Cyrix was injured by two bolts to his back, and was forced to be evacuated with Soraph to Ihu-Koro. He was recovering for several weeks before returning to Ko-Koro, by which time the Toa Kalta had been appointed the official Toa Team of Ko-Koro.

Ko-Koro Investigation

Some time after he recovered, Cyrix began tailing a Cy-Toa on account of suspicious activity. His investigation led him to the Wise Man's Archive, which the Cy-Toa had spent time researching at, and to Niici to enlist the aid of her organization.

Appearance and Tools

Cyrix is a lean, athletic Le-Toa with silver and green armor, with a silver Volitak. Someone familiar with the armor of the rest of the Toa Kalta would recognize similarities in their construction, but Cyrix otherwise wears no identifying marks save for a gray scarf (very handy in his new home).

Cyrix wields a repeating pneumatic crossbow created by Casanuva, derived from local patero launchers; this crossbow can either be loaded manually or fed from a magazine of bolts. The crossbow can also fire a grappling hook bolt that Cyrix carries along with thin cable. His armor has been modified to fit air funnels that he can use to more effectively channel elemental blasts, or to assist in movement. The only other weapon that Cyrix carries is a protosteel throwing disc strapped to his wrist, a holdover from his years as a matoran guard. He uses this disc as both a versatile midrange throwing weapon and as a shield and limited melee weapon. Rather than have an integrated lens, he wears a set of telescopic lenses as a headband. He also carries standard gear, such as a lightstone, heatstone, some basic first aid equipment, and an iStone.

Abilities and Traits

As a Toa of Air, Cyrix can control wind and air movement. However, Cyrix's control is stunted or perhaps aligned differently; while he struggles with larger attacks and movements, he can deftly manipulate air to separate, and can hold the ensuing vacuums easily. In general, he has an easier time pulling things towards him with air rather than the reverse, unless using his armor funnels. He can also use his funnels to aid in acrobatics. While Cyrix is combat-trained, the majority of his Toa training was focused on stealth and infiltration. He is a good shot, but requires setup.

Cyrix is the only member of the Toa Kalta to know of the subconscious personalities within the Toa Kalta besides Aelied, and can both activate his own subconscious personality, Galeha, and other individually. Personality-wise, Cyrix is principled yet pragmatic, being loyal to Aelied. He has strong opinions on the role of a Toa.


Cyrix is very reserved in demeanor, and keeps the other Kalta at arms length. Despite this, he feels a kinship with Skorm over both being outsiders on the team during their training. He also maintains a net of informants in Ko-Koro he is amicable with.

Friends and Allies