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Antidermis vat.png
The vat of Antidermis in The Vault.
Type Substance
Powers Mutation
OOC Information

Antidermis is a rare and mysterious substance, with the ability to transform or destroy those exposed to it. It is green-black in colour, and appears to be some sort of cross between a liquid and a gas.

Zaktan is the only Piraka who can give out Antidermis, as he is control of the Antidermis vat in The Vault.


Antidermis is “fluid destruction,” a pseudo-intelligent substance that, when it comes into contact with sentience, will pursue the most economical way to cause more destruction in the world.

Antidermis eats away those with good intentions, who are unlikely to bring about more destruction. To those with evil intentions, potential instruments for lots and lots of destruction, it gives enhanced abilities that will make them better, faster and stronger. When Antidemis comes into contact with a morally neutral or dependent sentience – a prime example of this being the Abettor, and other examples including Rahkshi and some Rahi – it will corrupt that neutrality towards evil purposes.

The ways that Antidermis enhances its baddies vary. Several variant effects of Antidermis include Echelon’s Dark Magnetism, Kohra’s feather claw, Mortem's fragmentation power, Dayeth's "ash hand" and Zaktan’s Protoditic structure. Antidermis affects all conscious beings differently. The way Antidermis augments the powers of evil beings, as such, depends on the size of the dose as well as the wickedness and personality of the individual.

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Beings affected by Antidermis

These are characters who have used antidermis on themselves, or have had it used on them.

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