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Type Toa
Element [[:Category:Plasma Elementals (BZPRPG III)|Plasma]]
Species Toa
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Appearance Very athletic build, middling height
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Kakama
Powers Control over Plasma, extreme speed
Weaponry/Equipment Plasma-channeling armor, plasma daggers
Alignment Good
History & Relationships
Native To No
Group Toa Kalta
Allegiance Ko-Koro
Rank Toa Kalta deputy leader
OOC Information
Status Alive, Active
Creator Keeper of Kraata

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Kalyss is a member of the Toa Kalta, their deputy leader.


Pre-Kalta Life

Like the rest of her team, the vast majority of Kalyss's memories of being a matoran have been suppressed. She knows that where she comes from was not as primitive as Mata Nui, that she was an athlete (specifically Kolhii), and she was honored to be chosen. Like her teammates, she was singled out by Aelied and turned into a Toa via toa stones.


Kalyss was trained alongside the other Kalta by Aelied before deploying to Mata Nui; she demonstrated significant tactical ability and leadership skills, and was made the deputy leader of the Toa Kalta. While she only achieved average success with her Plasma abilities, she mastered her mask quickly and refined its use in combat.

On Mata Nui

Kalyss woke up in Po-Wahi, and after a short time in Po-Koro, she left the dusty village behind for Ga-Koro, where she met up with several of her teammates. There they, along with several allies, were attacked by Skorm, who was under the influence of Antidermis at the time. After repelling his attack, Kalyss regrouped the Kalta; they met up with Aelied and Zueya, and journeyed to Ko-Wahi with several Dasaka from the Chisaii Ryuu expedition.


Kalyss joined her team in the effort to liberate Ko-Koro from Legacy occupation; after, Aelied offered their services to the new Akiri, Tarkahn, and the Toa Kalta became an official Toa Team under the new administration. Kalyss assisted in the rebuilding of the Koro, and took to her new duties well, as Aelied stepped back into a less active role due to the climate.

Appearance and Tools

Kalyss possesses the well-muscled body of a professional Kolhii player; her orange and white armor is riddled with channels and vents to assist her in utilizing her element, and the armor itself is reinforced to be able to take impacts rather than straight-out protection.

Abilities and Traits

Kalyss possesses only average ability with her element, though she does specialize in two techniques: channeling plasma through close-range vents on her armor, and throwing up ‘flares’ that shed light and persist longer than average. She is very skilled in the use of her Kakama, and can regulate her speed to use it to position herself in combat, though close quarters still pose a hazard. Kalyss is headstrong and focused on maintaining the team dynamic, but does not deal with people questioning her authority well. She is aware of this limitation, and tries to first approach a situation diplomatically.


As with most of the Toa Kalta, Kalyss possesses subconscious programming and an alternate personality, accessible with Aelied’s command codes. Her personality, Shialo, identifies as male and is notably unstable, though more experienced with the body’s elemental capabilities


Kalyss is close with most of her teammates, even beyond the professional association required of her. She cares about their wellbeing, even though she may butt heads with Casanuva or be cold to Cyrix. When they were matoran, she and Casanuva were briefly involved with each other; neither fully remembers the details of their split due to their targeted amnesia.

Friends and Allies




  • Kalyss was the third of the Toa Kalta to debut, and was in fact the first to be made as part of an existing team alongside Casanuva and Vakua.