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Moriika was a member of Team Kanohi Dragon and matoran of Earth.




Onu-Matoran, Male


Earth, non-attuned


Matatu, Mask of X-Ray Vision


Good, healed the wounded


Surgical and engineering tools for prosthetics. Non-combatant


Engineering genius, creative mindset, determined crafter


Ex-Bio-engineer for Team Kanohi Dragon


Team Kanohi Dragon


Kughii and Der Blitzman

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Moriika joined Team Kanohi Dragon as his friend Takimoc's request, and soon became the proficient bio-engineer for the traveling band of professional doctors and surgeons.  After the group settled in Ta-Koro, Moriika gained his own office and quickly became entrenched in his work, spending the few hours at home with Faerulo.  After the destruction of the Ta-Koro Hospital of the Guard Moriika opened a private practice with Faerulo until a gas leak killed them both in a house fire.

Appearance and Tools

Moriika was a gruff matoran of earth, broad chested and prone to muttering about his projects when he wanted to be left alone.  His telescopic eyelense was enhanced with several additional gizmos in order to work in ever-increasing detail on a patient's prosthetic or in-organic body components.  Moriika wore armor of a concord grape hue and had beady, lime green eyes.

Abilities and Traits

As a member of Team Kanohi Dragon, the matoran of earth spent his time creating new prosthetics for limbless patietns suffering from the traumas of war.  A technical genius and creative inventor, Moriika could always be found tinkering with metallic contraptions.  He was a kind hearted matoran, and worked tirelessly in devotion to others.


Friends and Allies

  • Faerulo , lover and member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Nakumiir , member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Takimoc , member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Riaril , Leader of Team Kanohi Dragon


  • Moriika was created and played by two players in a joint experiment: Der Blitzman and Kughii.