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"If I'm gonna work with you, you can at least bum me a smoke."
— Muirtagh Fenn

Muirtagh 'Muir' Fenn
Element Magnetism
Species Toa
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Modified Rode
Weaponry/Equipment Two-handed axe

Multitool, Lighter

History & Relationships
Faction Sentinels (Formerly)
Occupation(s) Lawyer, Detective (Formerly)
OOC Information
Status (IC) Alive
Status (OOC) Active
Creator Blue
Pronunciation Mweer-TAW Fenn
Color (Hex) cc0000
Color Preview

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Muirtagh Fenn, better known as Muir, is a Po-Koronan Fa-Toa lawyer and ex-guardsman, who left the Sentinels due to his disillusionment with Hewkii. He now operates out of the Fenn Legal Clinic in Po-Koro.


Pre-Arc 3

Muir joined the Po-Koro guard when he was still a Matoran, and his dedication to the service weathered both his transformation into a Toa and the transition to the Sentinels. In his time there, he proved adept at the more analytical aspects of the job, gaining a reputation as a talented crime-solver. However, his strong convictions also became a major facet of his reputation, to the point where some of his colleagues came to view his tendency to stand against his own as a liability. Still, his single-minded dedication to the job and his knack for investigation made him an asset, despite the pervasive opinion that he was a traitorous snitch. Leaving the force was his own choice, in the end - he grew increasingly disillusioned with the Sentinels under Hewkii, and decided to strike out and found a legal clinic, where he could actually be a force for good, in ways that the Sentinels never could.

At some point before Hewkii's resignation, he collaborated with Vrill, but they parted on bad terms.

Skorm et al. v. Mata Nui

A few weeks after Makuta's return, Vrill arrived in Po-Koro seeking Muir's aid in an investigation of Akiri Tarkahn and the Toa Kalta. Muir, in dire financial straits and intrigued by the mysteries around the suspects (in addition to the insinuation that Stannis was somehow involved) chose to take on the case, partnering up with Vrill.

The first stop of the investigation was the home of Akiri Renaka Lichtgeist, in order to question Stannis. Stannis, in attendance with Ra'lhen, answered initial questions about his encounter with Skorm (during which he cured Skorm of his Antidermis infection), but earned Muir's ire when he refused to answer further questions about Antidermis. The result was a tense confrontation between the two Toa, in which Muir accused Stannis of withholding the truth of Makuta's defeat in order to preserve his own power and status. Once they had simmered down, Renaka deputised Stannis and Ra'lhen as ambassadors, and sent them to Po-Koro.

Once Stannis and Ra'lhen had left, Renaka hired Muir herself, to investigate Skorm's crimes on behalf of Po-Koro.

Abilities and Traits

Although not a Po-Toa, in personality as in appearance Muir is unmistakably a Po-Wahi native. Steadfast - stubborn, even - with a moral compass so rigid that his worldview borders on black and white, Muir is completely dedicated to justice and to the truth. Described by some who know him as still a Matoran at heart, his strongest conviction is that his position as a Toa means that he must stand up for and defend the weak and the powerless, a role he now fulfills in his legal clinic. He supplements his Rode (modified with magnifying scopes) and elemental abilities with a keen investigative mind, a trait that served him well during his time as a guardsman.


Friends and Allies



"I need your expertise, your abilities, and most of all, that unwavering commitment that got the better of me last time I walked through that door."
— Vrill, recruiting Muir onto his investigation of Tarkahn and the Kalta