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Noka Painting.png
Family Kutsan
Element Stone
Species Matoran
Gender Female
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Kakama
Powers None
Weaponry/Equipment Katana
Alignment Lawful Good
History & Relationships
Faction Sentinels (formerly)
Affiliation Khervos, Tuli, Ferron
Allegiance Po-Koro
Occupation(s) Soldier
OOC Information
Creator Wotz
Pronunciation NOH-kah

Noka is a Po-Matoran painter and former member of the Sentinels.



Noka's grandfather, Kutsan was a bitter and possessive old man, who kept the fate of her parents from her. Ostensibly, this was to protect her from some great threat, but in reality it would appear that it was just a small grain of sand in the desert of manipulative behaviours he demonstrated. He raised her on a small Mahi farm in Po-Wahi, miles from civilisation.

Essentially as long as she could walk she would make trips to Po-Koro for trading on behalf of her grandfather, and often used these opportunities to explore her own pursuits, selling the paintings she was secretly making.

Eventually, he discovered this and, as punishment, signed her up for the Po-Koro Guard. At some point after this, she met Kuhrin, then a member of the Ta-Koro Guard, and the two developed a close romantic bond, expressed mostly through letters.

After Kuhrin's mind became corrupted by Makuta's disease, communication became much more infrequent between the two, until it ceased completely after the Battle of Kini-Nui. Kuhrin subsequently vanished, to later resurface as a Toa of Sonics and servant of Makuta.

For the next 100 years, Noka was split between her duties as a member of the Po-Koro Guard, and her 'duty' to her grandfather.

Arc 1

She continued serving as a member of the Guard as it became the Sentinels, and was present during both the Rahkshi attacks on the village and the wedding of Tillian and Emotia.

Arc 2

Noka was eventually tracked down by Khervos the Private Eye. He informed her that Kuhrin was now both a Toa and servant of Makuta, and asked for her assistance. Kutsan intervened and became violently enraged, assaulting her, before dying from a heart attack. Filled with conflicting emotions, she buried him before heading off with Khervos and Tuli to Ko-Wahi.

Once there, the three Matoran rendezvoused with Toa Ferron, and plans were made to seek out Kuhrin in the mountains. After a short journey, the group met the villain in the snow, and despite Noka's attempt at a peaceful resolution, conflict ensued. In the struggle, Kuhrin's brother Desuka was killed, and Kuhrin rendered maskless. Ferron's mercy proved to cause a moment of clarity for Kuhrin, seemingly dispelling Makuta's dark power over him.

Noka and Kuhrin parted ways with the others, and headed off to begin a new life in Le-Wahi.

While Wotz Was Away

However, this happily-ever-after was a pipe dream, as Kuhrin's heinous murders were impossible for Noka to forgive. She left him and returned to Po-Koro, where she has lived in the years since, trying to take care of herself and put her traumatic past behind her.

Abilities and Traits

Noka is a competent, experienced and well-trained fighter with a long career behind her. She also possesses the inherent increased strength due to her Po-Matoran blood.

She is talented in many art forms, primarily painting.


Friends and Allies


  • The Makuta and all who serve it