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Hogo Noshima











Kanohi Akaku, Great Mask of X-Ray Vision

Weapons & Tools

Wakizashi and tanto

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Hogo Noshima is the current Toroshu of the ancient Hogo clan, which is dedicated to protecting the authority of the imperial family.


One of the most noticeable traits of Noshima's is the way she speaks. Much like her ancestors before her, the Toroshu of the Hogo has a rather archaic speech pattern that may seem odd to most Dasaka, even if they are familiar with traditional formal dialects. Her personality very much mirrors her speech - somewhat odd, yet highly respectful and polite. Very few truly know what occurs in her head, and very few actually care for what does: most are simply content with dealing with the highly collected, yet slightly radical, head of the Hogo and her minor eccentricities.

Appearance And Traits

Intimidating golden eyes are what people first notice when they meet Noshima, whether it be on the field of battle or in the court of the Rora. To those who have been in her presence, they seem to pierce into one's very soul, shining brightly from behind her azure Akaku. Indeed, it can be said that her eyes are the most distinct part of her body, but some may argue that her flowing silver cloak might be able to match them. It lies over her intensely dark blue armour, contrasting incredibly well with it and the light blue crystal rings that surround her arms.

Tied around her waist is a sash, which holds both her weapons and anything else she wishes to carry along.


Powers and Abilities

As the Toroshu of her clan, Noshima is well-versed in two forms of the Menti disciplines. The first is the Soulsword technique, which she uses regularly to protect the vault from any thieves that dare steal from the Rora. It allows her to create a weapon through the powers of her mind. Although it is know that she is a sword-user, her mental weapons usually become halberd-like instead.

The second of her techniques is the use of Mindarm. While she is not an undisputed master of the art, she is capable of using the power creatively, usually to restrict the movement of her opponents or to grab their tools away. It was the first of the disciplines she had learnt, and as such she is more familiar with it in comparison with her mastery over Soulsword.

Her Kanohi, a Great Akaku, also provides her the ability to see through objects.


Hogo Kamari and Noshima (left to right) in a field. Illustration by Kughii.


  • Hogo Kamari: Noshima's loyal retainer and her lifelong best friend.
  • Hogo Akone: Noshima's cousin and sub-ordinate.




  • Noshima's pattern of speech is based upon keigo, which is a blanket term referring to honorific language in Japanese.