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Onyx is a Toa of Iron and a member of the Island Liberation Front.


All three brothers (Onyx, Alfon, and Volin) had big dreams of their own and set off on their own, when they were of age, to achieve their goals. They promised each other that they would find one another once they believed they had completed their quests. Onyx's dream was to hone his skills to become one of the best defensive warriors there were. He believed he had accomplished this and looked for his brothers to show them how much he had grown.

He heard Ferrin speaking of destroying Alfon with the rest of the Island Liberation squad, and temporarily teamed up with Ferrin, planning to kill him later. Onyx traveled with Ferrin's group to Lake Pala, where he killed Ferrin, met up with Alfon, and joined the Island Liberation Front.

Shortly after, Miraul and a group of warriors attacked the ILF trying to arrest D. The ILF and Miraul's group fought for a while. Eventually a forest fire forced the groups to stop fighting. Miraul's team left for other matters, and the ILF began building a new village.

Appearance and tools


Being one of the triplets, Onyx is almost identical to Alfon; his Pakari is in the shape of an Iden and he has the same physique as Alfon. What distinguishes Onyx from the three brothers is the black skin color and his armor. His armor is made of very thick and heavy iron, covering various parts of his body. Being a toa of iron, Onyx often changes his armor's appearance. His mask is black and his eyes are bright green.


Onyx's pride lies in his broadsword, shield and armor. All three are made of extremely thick, heavy and condensed iron and are nearly unbreakable. His broadsword is on the larger side and has no sharp edge; he simply uses it to crush enemies. His shield is round and he uses it to deflect attacks, shield himself and also as a weapon. He is currently is possession of Ferrin's mace.

Abilities and traits

Onyx possesses all of the regular abilities a Toa of Iron should. He likes to use his powers to strengthen and create his arsenal. He has also trained himself to subconsciously absorb the minerals in the ground below his feet for various purposes. Onyx is a very defensive but deadly fighter, countering, parrying and crushing his enemies when there's an opening. Because of his Pakari, he has no problem holding all of his weapons and armor.