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Trakuda 2.png
Nicknames The Diplojack
Element Ice
Species Matoran
Gender Male
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Pakari
Menti Disciplines Melee weapons, discs
Alignment Neutral Good
History & Relationships
Native To Ko-Koro
Faction Island Liberation Front
Affiliation Sanctum Guard
Allegiance Mata Nui
OOC Information
Status Deceased
Creator Wotz
Pronunciation tra-KOO-dah

Trakuda was a well-travelled and heavily-armed Ko-Matoran, once a member of the Island Liberation Front, to which cause he gave his life and, spectacularly, his body.



Trakuda did not feel at home with his Ko-Matoran brethren, instead chosing to leave the village and pursue his curiousity for other cultures. Generally disliked in Ko-Koro, he often befriended outcasts and criminals.

At some point, he heard via a friend of his in the Ta-Koro Guard of a great battle at Kini-Nui. Trakuda eagerly and naively joined the fight, but ultimately became traumatised from the bloodbath he witnessed. He later drank a potion to erase his memory, leaving him a crazed hermit for about a hundred years. Fleeing a Muaka, he eventually came to Ko-Koro, and became set on regaining his memories.

Arc 1

After a short trip to Kini-Nui, Trakuda arrived in Le-Koro and joined Madrihk's burgeoning Island Liberation Squad. Whilst there, he also paid a visit to Turaga Matau and Tamaru (not long before he was killed).

The ILS travelled to Xa-Koro, where Trakuda split off with Alfon to get supplies. The team eventually regrouped and returned to Le-Wahi, where they travelled through the jungle to Lake Pala. After facing many threats, their camp became the foundations for Pala-Koro.

Trakuda's memories eventually returned after... A bump on the noggin...?

Inspired by his memories of the first assault on the Nui Rama Hive, he suggested to the team that they finally vanquish the territory from Makuta. Plans were made, and the assault eventually took place with assistance from the Gukko Force and Sanctum Guard.

Trakuda and Reordin fought fiercely, leading the demolitions team through swarms of Nui Rama. A deployment of Rahkshi arrived, and Trakuda, underestimating the beasts, was stabbed through the chest by a Rahkshi of Teleportation. However, in the process, he managed to stick a Madu Cobolo to its torso, destroying it.

The ILF's Garish Explosive Tribute

His mask taken by Reordin, Trakuda's body was used as a canvas for countless explosives, and used to blow a hole through the wall of the hive, allowing for the remaining ILF forces to enter and destroy the hive.

Abilities and Traits

Trakuda possessed extensive combat training from teachers across the island, giving him his own custom form of martial arts, an excellent disc-throwing arm and skill with all melee weapons.

Although once a pacifist by nature, Trakuda became increasingly dependant on violence as a result of the constant threats to his life in the ILF, and was ultimately remembered as a warrior.