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The Science Hunt is a player-created sub-plot by Toatapio Nuva that involves the Tablet of Names and the search for its origins. The plot revolves around a mysterious group of scientists known as the Onu-Koro Research Community and their inventions, as well as prophecies.


Kirgan and his friends set out to discover the secrets of the Tablet of Names.


One day Kirgan was assigned to mine in an abandoned dead-end tunnel in order to find out whether there were any undiscovered mineral veins there. What Kirgan found was a stone tablet, the Tablet of Names, which he accidentally shattered into several smaller pieces. He took the pieces and tried to figure out the language written on it, to no avail.


Much later Kirgan made out a name from the text: Stronin. He set out to find the person and met Xaron, who joined him. The two travelled to Ko-Wahi, where they met up with Sulkua, a Toa of Ice. He also joined them and went to the Ko-Koro library, where a Ko-Matoran revealed the location and profession of Stronin. He also pointed out that Stronin had a blue spirit star. While in the library, the team was joined by another Toa of Ice, Azthran.

The team went to Ta-Koro and located Stronin. He refused to get involved with the quest, however, and turned the visitors down. This prompted them to purchase a Great Rau and translate the text by themselves. They found out that there was something more in Onu-Koro that Kirgan had not discovered before. Before leaving again, they were joined by Hile and Feran.

The group went to Onu-Koro and back to the place where the tablet had been found. They dug and found a secret building. Inside they came to a chamber with a robotic guardian, which Azthran defeated by freezing it. They also got yet another group member, Shadd. They found out that they needed three keys to open the next door and split up to find them. Xaron and Azthran returned with the key first, only to discover that the robot had been rebuilt. There was a battle, which cost Xaron an arm. In the end they won, however.

The rest of the team returned as well, with the proper keys.

Characters Involved