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"Taipu gets more easily... agitated these days, more sullen."
— Wiremu

MNOLG Matoran Taipu.png
Element [[:Category:Earth Elementals (BZPRPG III)|Earth]]
Species [[Matoran]]
Gender Male
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Pakari
Weaponry/Equipment Pickaxe
Alignment Good
History & Relationships
Group Chronicler's Company
Occupation(s) Miner
OOC Information
Status Deceased
Creator The LEGO Group

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[[Category:Earth Elementals (BZPRPG III)]]

Taipu was an Onu-Matoran miner and member of the Chronicler's Company. He was assassinated due to the information he held about the Second Prophecy.


Arc 1

  • Taipu is given the tablet containing the Second Prophecy.
  • Later, growing nervous about holding the tablet, Taipu gives it to Whenua and disappears.
  • A wild scale search for Taipu begins when members of the Chronicler's Company are killed.
  • After the Turaga Assassinations, Taipu returns to his hut and is found by Joske, whom he gives some of the Charms to.[1]
  • Taipu is assassinated.

Personality and Traits

Taipu worked hard and used to be a bit gullible and playful before the fall of the Toa Mata. After that fateful event, however, and upon receiving the tablet detailing information of the Second Prophecy, Taipu became much more easily agitated and jumpy.

He possessed limited night vision, as with all Onu-Matoran. .


Taipu in Onu-Wahi.



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