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The six most well-known Turaga.

A Turaga is the final form of a Matoran's life. After completing their respective Destiny, a Toa can sacrifice his or her Toa Power for the greater good and become a Turaga.

Abilities and Traits

Turaga are usually wise beings, with years of experience of leading Matoran. Turaga are slightly stronger than the Matoran, but are much weaker than Toa. The elemental abilities of a Turaga are significantly weakened upon their transformation, although they can still conjure up small amounts of their elemental power. Despite the transformation, Turaga can still maintain the concentration necessary to activate and use Noble Kanohi.


Upon their transformation, a Toa's Great Kanohi is altered in shape and reduced in power to become a Noble Kanohi. Turaga usually carry a Badge of Office, a symbol of their status. This tool is usually their Toa Tool transformed, though they have been known to fashion their own.


Turaga are held in high regard by the Matoran and Toa, but are also often targeted by evil groups because of their high status.

Notable individuals

Turaga Ferron.