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Celite, Turaga of Lightning
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Turaga Celite






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Celite is a selfish Turaga who attempted to assassinate Akiri Hahli with help from Surina.


As a Toa, Celite worked alone as a mercenary, saving money so that she would eventually be able to hire enough workers to help her build a village dedicated to the element of lightning. She never did gain enough money but found a new love for science and experimenting on beings as best she could, from attempting to rebuild parts of being’s bodies to completely disassembling basic machinery. Her destiny was fulfilled when she rescued an entire village from almost certain destruction, although it was not until several years later that she gave up her Toa Power and became a Turaga.

Celite wandered around continuing to provide translation services for money, although when she arrived on Mata Nui (sometime shortly after the Rahkshi attack ended) she noticed that her services were not as necessary as she would have hoped. Regardless, she decided to tour the island and took up residence in a small hut in Ga-Koro using some of the widgets she’d earned. Learning of the new power system which left the Ga-Matoran Hahli in charge, Celite began considering seizing power. After all, if you can't build you own village, why not usurp someone else's? She met up with Surina to achieve her goals, but failed in the end and was imprisoned.


Celite suffers from a one-track mind, and once she decides to do something she will try her best to pursue it. Similarly, she is also firm and strict, which while it garners respect also brings her resentment from those around her. She also suffers from basic Turaga weaknesses, such as being slower and weaker than Matoran.

Appearance, Tools and Powers


Celite is of average Turaga Height, with light blue limbs and white extremities (feet, shoulders, knees and hands). Her Kanohi Rau is blue but turns white towards the top in a marble-pattern fashion. Her chest is clad in a light silver breastplate, as are her shoulders. Her heartlight and eyes are yellow. Celite’s feet are flat and white, while her hands have two long fingers and a thumb on each, both artificially made.

Powers and tools

Turaga Celite possesses a fraction of her original Lightning Powers, which usually manifest as the ability to give quick, sharp bolts of electricity that she uses as a form of punishment or a way to correct behaviour in Matoran. Bizarrely, this electric shock works exceptionally well on beings of Water. With her Kanohi she is able to translate any written language, and understand its meaning. She carries a Bolt Trident as her badge of office, the transformed version of her old Toa Tool.




  • Hahli: Due to the assassination attempt.
  • Viima: Due to his abuse in the assassination plot.
  • Khervos: Khervos knows of Celite's evil nature.