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Turaga Whenua
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Noble Ruru




Drill of Onua


Turaga of Onu-Koro (Formerly; now deceased)




LEGO, played by Nuju Metru

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Turaga Whenua was the elder of Onu-Koro during the Arc 1, until he was assassinated.


Arc 1

  • Whenua gives Stannis the tablet with the clues.[1]
  • Whenua is kidnapped by Heuani, despite safety measures of the Ussalry.[2]
  • The Turaga are kept in Mangaia and attached to Parakuka.[3]
  • During the Battle of the Hive, the Turaga are awakened and, being temporarily high with the power of the Parakuka, are used by Makuta as pawns.[4]
  • They are detained and wake up back in full mental health.[5]
  • Whenua returns to Onu-Koro but is murdered.[6]



From the beginning of known history, Whenua had been the wise leader of Onu-Koro. During Makuta's reign he strove to keep his village safe and when Toa Mata Onua arrived to fight Makuta's darkness, Whenua helped him master his powers and gain knowledge of the island.

Arc 1

After the Toa Mata disappeared into Mangaia never to return, Whenua continued taking care of Onu-Koro. At some point all the Turaga, including Whenua, were kidnapped by Heuani. Although Whenua had instructed his guards well and was prepared for Heuani, he could not resist as the Toa of Shadow entered his hut secretly and took him through a secret passage away from Onu-Koro.

The Turaga were exposed and became hosts to Parakuka slugs. After being released during the Rama Hive Attack by the Island Liberation Front, the Turaga were kept in Pala-Koro as a safety measure for a time.

Finally, the Turaga were returned to their Koros. However, soon after Whenua returned to Onu-Koro, he was assassinated by Liacada who charged into a council meeting in the main square and stabbed him.

Personality and Traits

Whenua was wise, silent and patient. He seemed very aware of what would happen in the future, but often spoke about the importance of the past. Being a Turaga of earth, Whenua had very limited control of earth. His noble Ruru allowed him to see well in any level of darkness.



  • The Turaga: Fellow leaders of their respective Koros and deep friends, closely bonded like family.
  • Toa Mata: The original heroes of Mata-Nui who failed in their destiny, later to be successfully completed by the Toa Maru.
  • Followers of Mata-Nui: All who believed in peace and light were allies and friends of Turaga Whenua.


  • Makuta: Hardbringer of destruction and shadow, Turaga Whenua stood as a bastion against his power in Onu-Koro.
  • Followers of Shadow and bringers of destruction: Those who would do harm to others or followed the will of the Master Of Shadows.

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